18th Fairway of Cascade Course at 5am on Friday, August 22


Making Progress


18th Fairway of Cascade Course Four Hours Later!

Friday morning, a 7:30 shotgun start tournament and this is what we have to deal with. I love summer and all, but one of the disadvantages of maintaining a 45 year old irrigation system is the occasional mainline failures. This is a 3″ mainline on our 18th fairway on the Cascade Course. A repair coupling split down the side aiming down sending a mix of sand, gravel and water rushing down the fairway.  The hole was big enough to fit a golf cart in it. My Assistant Superintendent on the Cascade Course, Craig Byerly, was already in the hole with the pipe repaired when I arrived at 5:00 a.m. Craig and two helpers had this repaired and re-sodded in four hours.  The tournament went on and most of our guests had no idea anything had happened there. These guys are just that good.

On a lighter note, we have been very busy this month as the weather has been awesome.  Everyone has their “A” game on and we are knocking it out of the park.  FootGolf is picking up and the reviews are solid. All the reports I have heard is people are having a “blast” playing our course.  I have heard reports of 2 other courses in our area that are opening FootGolf courses or already have opened. Stay tuned for details on our first event FootGolf tournament on September 27-28.

That’s all for now, I can feel our season winding down as the temp. this a.m. was 49 degrees and the daylight hours are shortening, so make the most of what remains of Summer. Come on out and golf a round. We’d love to have you.