Chorizo is a gift from the gods.

The first time I ever tried it, it was a taste bud explosion of awesome!

I love chorizo and I am honestly baffled that more restaurants don’t jump on the bandwagon of amazing flavor.

The role of fat in sausage is to bring the spices to life.

Good chorizo shouldn’t be greasy, and Chef has mastered this in his kitchen.

I also have folks say “isn’t it spicy?” Now spice level is relative, but ours is surely no spicier than a traditional peppered American breakfast sausage.

Our chorizo bursts with flavors of BBQ spices which makes it extremely distinctive.

Marinated for over 24 hours, then ground in-house, Chef Jon had a desire to create a killer chorizo recipe for our stand out golf course menus.

I love the sweet/spicy combination of flavors that compliment both the lunch/dinner menu as well as our breakfast menu.

Wrap it in a tortilla with in-house “Mexican mulch”, make it a feast of nachos, or have the satisfaction of eating it with eggs and topping with cotija cheese and scratch Verde.

Whether you need a calorie boost to start your golf game off on the right foot, or you simply want a nice, hearty lunch or dinner meal after your round, our chorizo is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Tiffany Schenk
Area Director of Food and Beverage