After a long wet winter, golfers are reminded of the upcoming golf season with the occasional stretch of nice sunny weather.

Now is a good time to break the clubs out, knock the rust off, and start tuning up!

Here is a laundry list of sorts that will identify some of the things you will want to do before the golf season is upon us:

Equipment Tune Up:

This is a great time of year to go through your set, asses any needs, and give them a deep clean top to bottom.

We have several wedge and club demo clinics coming up that will give you a great chance to address any club needs.

When you clean your clubs, you always want to include cleaning the grips.

Depending on the type of grip, a bucket of hot soapy water will do the trick.

I recommend replacing your grips every other year, a procedure that usually takes a couple of hours for us to complete and we have a wide range of grips to choose from.


If you like to play spring golf you need to be prepared for the occasional rain shower.

I like to keep rain gear in my bag so I am prepared, but layering up is always a good idea.

Most of the golf shoes made now are waterproof to some extent, just make sure you clean them after every round to keep them that way.

You also want to store them and your clubs in a dry area when not in use, trunk, garage, or even the house is a good spot.

Another item that’s always handy to have in your bag is a beanie, you never know when the temp is going to drop and wearing a beanie will keep your heat in.


This is also a great time to get a refresher lesson or two to make sure you’re in your best spring-summer season shape possible.

If a golf lesson is not your gig then a bit of practice could be up your alley.

It’s always a good idea to get out a couple times for practice at the beginning of the season just to make sure you can still get the ball airborne.

So make sure you break out your clubs, knock the rust off, and we will see you out here on the links!!

Golfingly yours,