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New Golf Season, New Golf Equipment

The sun is out and so are the golfers! Time to start thinking about new golf equipment. This promises to be an exciting year for golfers and new equipment. At Gold Mountain we are fortunate enough to have a wide selection of demo clubs. You are more than welcome to take them on the range […]

Get Golf Ready at Gold Mountain

After a long, wet winter, the occasional sunny day acts as a ray of hope for golfers anticipating the upcoming season. Now is a good time to break the clubs out, knock the rust off, and start tuning up! Here’s a laundry list of the things you’ll want to do before the golf season is upon […]

Love is in the Air

Love is in the air! The day of Love is upon us, and with it, wedding season officially begins. It is no secret I am in love with all things weddings, and I’m so blessed to be doing a job I look forward to every day. From long term planning to the last minute wedding, […]

Happy Holidays & Thank You!

As this is the last blog installment of 2015, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that made this year such a great success. Ed Faulk and the entire maintenance team, Trista Ortiz, Jon Forcier and the food and beverage team, Mark Knowles, Liz Ogle, Sue Skjonsby, John Sitton and the […]

Winter Time Golf

Now that the season has turned from fall to winter, most golfers are looking to move indoors for their recreational sport fix. Bowling, poker, re-acquainting themselves with the family; whatever it is I urge you not to turn your back so fast on golf. Sure, winter brings some lower temps and some rain, but if […]

Maintenance at Gold Mountain

This picture is of Patrick McKenzie and Liam Sanchez aerating the 18th green on the Olympic Course using our new Toro Procore aerators. We were able to complete aerating, core harvesting, cleaning up and sanding all 19 greens on Olympic in just 6 hours. The next day we completed 19 greens on the Cascade Course […]

Enjoy Winter Season at Gold Mountain

Most Northwest golfers are probably saying to themselves, “Well, all the courses are punching and sanding their greens, must be time to stow away the clubs for another season.”  It is true; most courses in the area are beginning their fall and winter maintenance preparations.  Summer golfers should not fear the shorter days and cooler […]

Get Excited About Golf

I recently gave lessons to two brothers. The elder was 17 and the younger 12 years old. I have been helping people better understand the golf swing for over 30 years, but it had been a while since I had met two people as excited about golf as these two. Our lesson time was fairly ordinary. By […]