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Home and Home

It is officially summertime and the days are getting longer and warmer! Many people have begun to look for ways to experience all that the golf scene in the Pacific Northwest has to offer, and we here at Gold Mountain are no different. The Gold Mountain Men’s Club has been offering our members a Home […]

Prepping for the Upcoming Season

Not a lot to report on this time of year. We are busy repairing and staining all 72 tee benches when the weather keeps us off the courses, and mowing whenever we can. We had one inch of rain last night and mowed greens this morning. There’s not a lot of courses around here that […]

Windstorms, Fall and Fir Needles

There is a reason this time of year is called fall. Trees are falling! Branches, leaves and needles are falling! It seems like just when we get everything cleaned up, there comes another windstorm and it starts all over. These pictures are of an 80 foot tall fir tree that snapped off in a recent windstorm. […]

Autumn at Gold Mountain

Fall has fallen. The rain is back and our season is winding down. The greens on both courses were aerified two weeks ago and are healing nicely. My team and I completed core aerification, harvesting the cores, sand topdressing and dragging in the sand on our 41 greens in two days. The weather cooperated with nice […]

Golf Course Maintenance at its Finest

Friday morning, a 7:30 shotgun start tournament and this is what we have to deal with. I love summer and all, but one of the disadvantages of maintaining a 45 year old irrigation system is the occasional mainline failures. This is a 3″ mainline on our 18th fairway on the Cascade Course. A repair coupling […]

Footgolf has arrived!

FootGolf is now open at Gold Mountain.  Monday June 30th we held our free opening day of FootGolf.  We had 67 players come out to try out this new and growing game.  It is played with a soccer ball and 21 inch cups.  The rules of golf apply so the object of the game is […]

Rain, Rain, Stay Away

Memorial Day has passed and schools are letting out soon and we are gearing up for our busy season.  Greens have all been aerified and topdressed, the grass is growing and the weather is getting better so now all we need are the golfers.  When the forecast is for warm and sunny we are very […]

Golf, Greens and Goodbyes

Spring is in full swing here and the golfing has sure been sweet this week. As you plan your next tee time, I’ve outlined several updates for you on the going-ons here at Gold Mountain. First, the greens aerification on the Olympic Course were accomplished on April 29th on the back 9 and front 9 […]