FootGolf is now open at Gold Mountain.  Monday June 30th we held our free opening day of FootGolf.  We had 67 players come out to try out this new and growing game.  It is played with a soccer ball and 21 inch cups.  The rules of golf apply so the object of the game is to get the ball into the cup with the fewest kicks. Unlike soccer you don’t run but walk around the course, enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise. It really is a game that anyone that can kick a ball can play. We are already booking tournaments and birthday parties.

As for our maintenance dept. we are busy trying to keep up with all the play that comes with being in the heart of our golf season.  We have trimmed the fescue grass on our Olympic bunkers to make them a little less challenging and hopefully speed up play. I really enjoy this time of year because there are new challenges every day and it keeps everyone on top of their game.

It’s a good time to be at the course. Come join us soon.