Some exciting news from the Gold Mountain Maintenance Department.  We took delivery this week of our two new Toro Procore Aerators. Last spring our old aerators bit the dust and we were unable to aerate our greens as scheduled.  These machines have been on my wish list for years and thankfully we had the funds available in our capital budget to buy them at a great deal.

The Procore is the top of the line in greens aerators and can also be used to aerate tee’s and  approaches.  With a 48 inch coring width and variable spacing options these machines will allow us to remove more organic matter (thatch) with smaller tines resulting in better turf health and quicker recovery time for our greens. With two of these machines we will be able to complete aeration of our 42 greens in just two days.  With the use of smaller tines our greens will be back to perfection in three weeks rather than four given good growing weather. We are scheduled to aerate greens at the end of September but we will start aerating tees and approaches at the beginning of September. My team can’t wait to get these machines out and see what they can do, but with the hot weather we are experiencing we will have to wait a little longer to get started. We don’t want to start punching holes while we are still in the 80’s and 90’s. So for now they are sitting in our shop for everyone to admire.

Ed Faulk, Superintendent