Gold Mountain is proud to be one of the top municipal courses in the country and one of the top public course options in Washington State.

We regularly surpass 400 rounds per day through most of the year and 500 rounds per day through the summer months.

Our maintenance team does a tremendous job keeping the course in stellar condition so that every golfer experiences Gold Mountain at its best.

As a golfer and having worked on the maintenance side of golf for multiple courses over five years, I would like to reinforce how important it is to repair pitch marks and fix divots while playing.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to a green and finding that my ball’s path to the hole looks like it is traveling over the moon’s surface.

It is especially prevalent later in the day after the bulk of the tee times have passed through.

This small act of repairing pitch marks takes less than one minute to complete and can help all golfers enjoy their round that bit more.

This would also help maintenance each morning as they must repair all ball marks before they can mow or roll the greens each morning to ensure an even and smooth cut.

There are more ways that golfers can make the course better for everyone (including themselves) but this is the most commonly missed opportunity.

If you have questions on how to fix your ball marks, the simplest way to think about fixing pitch marks is to insert the tool from the perimeter and push your hand toward the center of the mark.

Work around the hole until you have the hole covered, then tamp the area flat with either your putter, foot, or club.

It is amazing how clean and better the course conditions are when everyone does their part.

Robert Silky

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