Twenty-twenty. An unprecedented year. What can I say that hasn’t already been said by the news or social media a million times?

Well, to me, 2020 reminds me of what James Earl Jones said, as Terrence Mann in the movie Field of Dreams

“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been (GOLF) baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But (GOLF) baseball has marked the time.”

Except I would replace the game of baseball with GOLF. Golf, being the one thing we could rely on and escape by doing, in 2020.

So, stocking the golf shop merchandise and equipment has been extremely busy, as our guests gear up to enjoy the outdoors and escape the pressures from COVID-19, even if it’s for just a few hours a day.

Our vendors, even after shutting down for a couple of weeks or a month, have worked tirelessly to provide their equipment for all the avid and new golfers flooding the courses.

The staff of Gold Mountain has worked the front lines right from the start, adapting to the governor’s rules, keeping themselves and our guests safe, as much as possible.

And I have been moving forward, each day, with the hope that the rest of our local businesses will re-open any day as well.

But for now, I’ll keep bringing in the clubs, equipment, attire, and all the necessities to play this amazing game, rain or shine; keeping all our friends out golfing as much as they can, to find some joy being outdoors and participating in this timeless American past-time, golf.

Suzanne Mehlert
Gold Mountain Merchandiser, 2016-2020

Hole #16, Par 3

STRANGE times!

It is hard to believe we’re already in August! This has been, to say the least, a STRANGE year so far. With the shutdown due to the pandemic, and all the operational changes put in place once we did open, it has kept us pre-occupied and helped time fly by.

Looking back at the last five months it is easy to get caught up thinking about all the negatives and worrying about what is to come. I, however, would like to focus on a couple of positives from this experience.

The first being the spiked interest in the game of golf. Certainly, being one of the few activities approved as “safe” by our elected officials’ post-shutdown has helped.

We have seen our regulars playing more golf and an influx of new players which has led to rounds and business levels I have not seen in decades.

The second positive would be the condition of the courses. I know being shut down for almost six weeks during the start of the growing season helped, but the operational practices by our superintendent Abel Anderson and his team have been paramount.

We aerified both courses green’s once the shutdown started and was able to continue topdressing them with sand for the weeks to follow.

Divot filling, some new tee construction, applications of wetting agent, and general maintenance also occurred.

The result, once we were able to open back up, was near perfection! Both courses were in the best shape for that time of the year that I have ever seen.

And because they were both so healthy, they have been able to handle all the increased traffic.

General Manager,
Daryl Matheny

With winter coming to an end and spring fast approaching, the maintenance team is switching gears from projects to preparations for the upcoming season.

Winter projects included a large amount of tree limbing around the property, which opened up some views across holes, made areas more player-friendly, and will help the overall health of our grass by allowing more air movement and light.

We also removed collar dams on 7 of our greens, which help with surface drainage and eliminating such a severe transition onto our putting surfaces.

We started on our list of tee complexes that need to be leveled, which over time have become uneven.

We spruced up the entrance of our wedding area with landscaping and relocated the remainder of our Rhododendrons to areas where they will hopefully thrive without interfering with irrigation.

Part of preparing for the upcoming season is our spring aerification.

This will take place on April 13th and 14th for the Cascade course, and early May for the Olympic course, following the Mountain West Tournament.

We look forward to seeing how these projects and newly implemented cultural practices will continue to improve play for the upcoming season.

We look forward to seeing you out here!

Abel Anderson
Golf Course Superintendent

The season of giving is upon us, and everyone is in the best of spirts.

Lending a hand to those in need not only helps others, but it makes us feel amazing too.

Gold Mountain loves to participate in giving opportunities throughout the year. We give in as many ways as we can and not just for the holidays. We collect school supplies in the summer to donate to the Bremerton school district at the start of the school year.

We participate in a fundraiser at Hawk Alley to help raise money for Ben’s Fund, autism awareness, and research program.

We also do a food drive in the fall that benefits the Bremerton Foodline. Although our largest giving event of the year is at Christmas time, the giving starts at the beginning of the summer.

Our teams donate money regularly throughout our busy season to a fund that we will eventually get to spend on our Christmas Angels. The Christmas Angel program at KCR is a fantastic way for the community to help those in need of Christmas gifts for less fortunate children.

Our team loves participating in this program and have been able to donate in a huge way for many years. It is amazing how much we are able to donate to this program, and the feeling it gives us all is worth more than any gift we could receive. We are always looking for new ways to give to the community around us and hope to touch as many lives as possible.

Jesse Mcgee
Sales and Planning Manager

As we see 2019 ending and the holidays approaching, we thought we’d give you some ideas to help your game and show you some gift ideas to help check off your gift-giving list!


Looking back at the year in the Golf Shop, we’ve had some incredible golf club lines that continue to impress. So, if you haven’t demoed one of these lines, be sure to come in and try the new Ping G410, Callaway Epic, and Titleist TS1-3.

From the first tee shot with the new Epic Flash Driver to the final putt with the Odyssey Stroke Lab putter, Callaway’s line of clubs this year has actually lived up to its name. A truly “epic” performance on the course and the word keeps spreading about it.

We’ve got close-out prices on the demo clubs for sale of TaylorMade M5 & M6 woods as well.


For gift-giving, we have some new exclusive Gold Mountain items ready to be snatched up! Check out our new Gold Mountain exclusive image t-shirts, towels, bag tags, and poker chips, featuring hole #16  (aka Eden) on the Olympic Course.

For your sports-fan family members, we’ve got team brag-worthy golf attire! Seahawks, UW, and WSU clothing and golf accessories are an easy choice.

In one of our most popular apparel lines, Travis Mathews, the Gold Mountain patch hat makes the perfect gift for the young and trend-setting golfer.

Another great gift is this killer deal on the yellow Titleist DT Trusoft golf balls, one dozen only $17.99.


With year-end sales and holiday gift ideas prepared just for you, we’re hoping to see you soon at Gold Mountain!

Suzanne Mehlert
Golf Shop Merchandiser

Gold Mountain’s handcrafted Pizza’s are baked on 600 degree stone slates in our compact pizza ovens.

Because of the unique design of our ovens, it lets the heat surround your pizza, and infuses the stone-fired flavor into the crust.

Cooking the pizzas at such a high heat cooks them quickly, (just five minutes to be exact!) and helps expedite the order.

We use only premium cheese and products on the pizzas. Our dough is made fresh and proofed daily.

It is sweet and light in flavor. So whether you like a traditional combination pizza or the popular Taco Pizza, we have the perfect flavor for you.

Come on in and give one of our Stone-Fired Pizzas a try.

View our full menu here.


Chef Jon
Executive Chef

After one of the driest summers on record, the grounds staff is looking forward to the Washington rain coming our way.
However, I am sure come February we will be singing a different tune.
This season seemed to never want to end and it looks like it may not for a few more weeks.
The rain holding off for just a bit longer will be a benefit for our team, and allow us to prepare the golf courses for the winter.
Some of the majoy tasks you will see us working on before the rain finally does come are: aerification of tees, fairways, and approaches, repeating spring aerification on our greens, overseeding distressed areas form the season, and drainage projects.

Drainage is key to all golf courses across the nation, however most of them do not see 70+ inches of rain throughout the winter.
There are a few areas in need of drainage to improve playability not only in the winter but also in the summer.
Over seeding distressed areas sooner rather than later will make a great difference to our courses come spring.
If we wait too long into fall and winter, it will be difficult to get the seed to germinate and the seedlings to survive.
Giving the plant a chance now will pay off come April.

Aerification of tees, fairways, and approaches will help the golf course handle the rains this winter.
It should allow the property to drain better over the next few months allowing for better winter conditions.
This will also provide a healthier product for the following season.
Breaking up the compaction as well as removing organic matter from the profile should have lasting benefits on the golf courses.
Lastly, we hope to aerify October 9 and October 10 – weather dependent.
We will be repeating the process we had so much success with this spring, as we saw our greens respond better than every.
Hopefully by doing it this way, we will have a high-quality product during the winter that can also handle the feet of rain we anticipate.
So, before the rain does finally start pouring, we hop to get the course in the best shape possible to handle the Pacific Northwest fall.

Patrick McKenzie
Gold Mountain Golf Club

Pristine views and a beautiful brand new dining experience have enlightened the patio at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

When you visit the restaurant at Gold Mountain, you will be welcomed with brand new tables, chairs, lounge furniture, umbrellas, and the beautiful scenery of the Olympic Mountains.

The ambiance of the outside deck will ease your day and brighten your spirits, regardless of how your round may have gone.

Speaking of spirits, you can sip on a local craft beer or one of our signature cocktails, like our freshly muddled strawberry mojito, while you take in the views around you.

The Gold Mountain menu consists of fresh ingredients and tasty treats, and everything is made from scratch right here in our very own kitchen.

Take some time to come and enjoy our dining experience at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

Perfect for delicious food after a round of golf, or just a casual night on the town.

We can’t wait to see you!

Chef John
Executive Chef
Gold Mountain Golf Club

Summer time is here and the entire team is on deck and ready to make Gold Mountain the best course for our golfers.

As a mechanic, this means I need to get the equipment ready for the intense labor done throughout the season.

I need to make sure the welder is dialed in, spare parts are on the shelf, and so much more that goes into making Gold Mountain Golf Club the amazing facility that it is.

A lot of prep work goes into ordering parts and being ready for the call to come fix equipment at a moment’s notice.

During the summer month my assistant and I focus on keeping the reels sharp and cutting well on all machinery.

Of course, it’s not always that easy seeing this is not the only thing we have to focus on.

With a full staff running around our 36-hole facility, we have our phones on and tools ready for the “I’m stuck” calls or the “My mower just stopped running” cries.

We have a lot of equipment that has been around for more than 20 years, and keeping it going is a task in-and-of itself.

There is always something happening to keep us busy, not to mention a golf course full of golfers.

Maintaining our equipment properly is a requirement to make sure we are not wasting precious time fixing something that could have been avoided, or leaving a team member stranded out on the course.

Regular services and making sure our team members inform us of any funny sounds can save us the embarrassment of that ugly turf repair or hydraulic burn on the course.

Don’t be fooled however, this is the reason we love our jobs as mechanics!

There is always something new, challenging, and unexpected happening here at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

Not many golfers know what goes into making their favorite course so amazing, and we are so proud of the product we are able to produce every day here in Bremerton, Washington.

Andrew Goodell
Equipment Manager
Gold Mountain Golf Club

Practice makes perfect.

You’ve heard the phrase a million times.

Gold Mountain Golf Club is known for having two of the best public golf courses in the state of Washington, but did you know we also have an amazing practice facility?

The addition of range targets is very exciting and give golfers a new focus while practicing.

In the lower, short game bowl the range targets will help golfers dial in their short wedge distances more effectively.

The best part is, now you can bring your friends out and have some friendly competition on the range!

Our practice facility also has a multitude of chipping and putting greens that will allow golfers to further practice their short game.

With new mowing patterns around our short game facilities golfers are able to work on tight lies, various distances, and more to get them ready for the golf course.

Perhaps you’re having trouble hitting your wedges.

Getting your ball on line with the putter.

Finding the fairway with your driver.

Well, you’re in luck!

Gold Mountain Golf Club has a variety of group clinics and golf instructors available to help you improve your game.

Learn more about group and private lessons online, and find the instructor that fits your style and budget best.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

Let our golf instructors improve your game and allow you to have more fun on the course!

See you soon!

Travis Cary, PGA
Assistant Golf Professional