Ahhh, fresh fall air. No mask necessary outdoors (while social distancing of course), exercise, hanging out with family and friends and playing the great game of golf. You almost forget the troubles of the times for a few hours.

That’s what keeps everyone that has continued to play, or that has just started playing these last two years and coming back!

So gearing up for the cold or wet days is important! And that’s what I’ll be prepping you for!

As the Merchandiser of the Golf shop at Gold Mountain, going on for six years now, getting the right stuff for your game makes a big difference in your confidence and enjoyment.

Here are some Fall & Winter gear tips:

  • Pack your bag with layers of golf attire. A polo, a long sleeve ¼ zip, and a waterproof jacket.
  • Get some good waterproof golf shoes or golf boots with spikes for better traction when it’s wet.
  • Have an umbrella and rain cover for your golf bag.
  • Put in a waterproof hat, rain pants, and rain gloves that get sticky once they get wet to help you grip your clubs.
  • Towels and a brush to clean off your clubs.
  • Hand warmers. Even new battery-powered hand-warming units are available.
  • Think about getting your clubs regripped with Dritac Grips. It all adds up to a more comfortable round.

We will continue to bring in the newest gear at a competitive pricing so stop in anytime.

We’ll get you golf ready for the fall season!

See you soon,

Suzanne Mehlert,
Golf Shop Merchandiser

Waterproof Golf Shoes/Boots with Spikes

Towel & Brush 

Waterproof Gloves

Quality Rain Jacket

Umbrellas & Waterproof Hats

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