What is the 19th hole and why is it so important you ask? Well, after playing your standard round of golf, the most anticipated hole is the 19th! Why yes, you guessed right!

The restaurant at Gold Mountain is the ideal place for unwinding after a perfect day on the course.

With the grand patio overlooking the Olympic Course, it provides a picturesque backdrop to enjoy some of our delectable dishes and refreshing beverages.

This is the spot where golfers, diners and those who are just along for the ride gather.

The camaraderie and the laughter, of course socially distanced, bring us back to the joyful times, pre-COVID.

Whether you are just visiting us for an icy cold beverage or diving into one of our amazing menu items, we are here to make your visit memorable or at least fun!

Come stop by the restaurant, we’ll be waiting for you!

Food & Beverage Manager,
Pam Delos-Santos

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