Our hope at Gold Mountain Golf Club is to deliver a day of enjoyment for our guests.

Part of that experience is providing exceptional playing conditions throughout the seasons for our patrons.
Our maintenance team works tirelessly to continuously improve practices, growing conditions, efficiency, and maintenance standards at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

We do this by constantly re-evaluating techniques of maintenance practices and making appropriate changes.

Improving soil profiles through cultural practices such as topdressing, aerification, drainage improvements, and verticutting.

Addressing shade and air movement issues through tree management is an ongoing focus.

All these factors ultimately improve our playing conditions and overall experience of this extraordinary outdoor recreation facility.

To accomplish all of this, specialized equipment is needed and like most things, there is a life expectancy to that equipment.  The majority of Gold Mountain’s fleets’ life expectancy has come and gone.

We are excited to be in the process of procuring a much-needed fleet replacement.  This process has been years in the making. We have evaluated our aging fleet and made a priority list to address our needs.

Much of our fleet is 20-30 years old with the equivalent of upwards of 700,00 miles driven. This list includes greens mowers, rough mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, and the hope to have a second phase including additional rough mowers, utility vehicles, sprayers, and tractors.

Adding these to our fleet will give us better consistency, less downtime from breakdowns, and safer more fuel-efficient vehicles to operate.

May we have a great season full of golfers replacing their divots and repairing their ball marks.

Abel Anderson
Gold Mountain Golf Club Superintendent

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