It is starting to look a lot like winter here at Gold Mountain Golf Club.

Our maintenance staff is starting to move into winter projects due to frost delays and rainy weather, but have no fear, there are plenty of jobs to keep our team busy.

Our mechanics are ramping up to service our fleet of 127 golf carts, as well as sharpening and servicing our equipment for the spring.

Our equipment team spends countless hours servicing our equipment so we can provide a clean and professional look for the upcoming season.

We are grateful for their hard work to keep us going through the season.

As for our grounds maintenance staff, they are out and about on these cold winter days rebuilding our bunkers so our guests have as enjoyable of an experience one can have when they hit it into a bunker.

Between cleaning up edges, removing weeds and debris, to hauling in more sand for the proper playing depth our team continues to make Gold Mountain Golf Club one of the best championship courses in the region.

Also getting some TLC this time of year are our tee stones and benches, because we all need to rest after the eight strokes we may have taken on the last hole.

So, as you come out during the winter months just remember to dress warm and take in the beautiful views and hard work that goes into maintaining our facilities.

We can’t wait to see you all out at Gold Mountain!

Andrew Goodell
Equipment Manager